About Us

KYRA means the sun, ultimate excellence, and the warmth that every human shares. Our passion has always been "Many in body, One in mind".

Our designers found inspiration from their international travels. Their broad experiences of cultures and customs advanced their values, after which they decided to share the experiences and bring Kyra Fine Gold into existence.

KYRA FINE GOLD was created to bridge the gap between modern and traditional jewelry. Keeping you connected to your roots, Kyra believes in bringing you an opulent collection of jewelry that revives your elegance and finesse. With this ideology in mind, Kyra Fine Gold came into existence to introduce an extensive variety of jewelry made of 14 and 18 karat gold, along with gold vermeil. You get to choose a metal of your liking and then leave it to Kyra to transform it into a collector’s piece.

Kyra jewelry speaks for itself. The stunning designs and fine material leaves the wearer looking their most beautiful. Every jewel is intricately crafted by hand with love and passion that delivers nothing but luxury.


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